Cannabis tracking
for full compliance,
made easy.

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Get the digital passport of your company, seeds and your land from SativaChain. From now on fraud is not an option and your brand will be more valuable!

Is your cannabis / hemp truly organic? Are there any pesticides? What about terpenic profile, potency, effects? Do you have all certifications required in your country for full compliance? With Sativachain, you can prove them all in one click. 

Pretty much like a digital passport, SativaChain provides you with a QR Code. The QR Code encapsulates all the key informations about your products – from seed to sale. 

You can upload all informations and updates via smartphone or computer. You can add seed tag, strain name, origin, certification, potency, legal authorisations, …. and you can show them all – in one click. 

Full understanding of what you sell: product quality, origin, certifications, everything you need is transparent – and it is at your fingertips.

Just take a picture of SativaChain QR Code and you will gain accesso to full and transparent product history from the seed to the sale. Easily show it to clients, customers and control authorities.

More confidence in the product and in your supplier.

More confidence for you from the end customer.

Law compliance checks become faster and easier.

Show full product history with a photo on the QR Code.

Check compliance with the evolving regulations, show lab analysis, certifications and percentages of THC, CBD and collateral cannabinoids. In one click.

Full safety about origin, quality and certifications.

From textile hemp to industrial hemp, to therapeutic, to light hemp – SativaChain works with all.

Grow your business in 5 steps

Crete your account on SativaChain and download your QR Code 

With your smartphone or computer you can upload all informations: seed tag, analysis, certificates, product history.

All informations are immediately available.

Apply QR Code on product label.

QR Code will then act as a digital passport of your product.

Show the whole story of your product, fully tracked from seed to sale.

With full certified transparency, you guarantee the quality of your product, from seed to sale.

From textile hemp to industrial hemp, to therapeutic, to CBD hemp – SativaChain works with all.

You choose what to show (or hide)

Cannabis tracking for full compliance
fast and easy: this is SativaChain

Low Cost

No setup fee,
just a small monthly fee

Faster, easier compliance

Show all your documentation in one click

100% Safe

Built on Blockchain, for top security and safety


Full access to complete product history

Everything under control

All informations in one place

Easy to use

Scan the QR code and that's it

Scientific Committee

The committee includes, among others, high profile figures of cannabis and hemp research:

  • Dr. Alfonso Gallo – Researcher and Head of Hemp and Cannabinoids research at Zooprophylactic Institute of Southern Italy  
  • Dr. Titti Lombardi – medical cannabis researcher, member of the Italian Society of Cannabis Research, traditional and clinical galenic pharmacist, laboratory manager

The scientific committee is open to experts worldwide, with proven experience in tech, university and science.


The scientific committee has a consultative role in SativaChain science strategy. Cutting edge research and development.

The scientific committee is open to experts worldwide, with proven experience in tech, university and science. Feel free to contact us and join the committee. 

Export to EU markets fast and easy

Demetra by SativaChain is the B2B marketplace for EU hemp and cannabis companies.

Demetra  gives you access to EU markets fast and easy. Export your products – either hemp, medical, or recreational (where allowed by regulations).

Just upload your products to Demetra. They will be listed in minutes and you will start to receive orders.

No need of more sales people, or expensive international exhibitions, just list your products, receive your orders in your office, ship product and get your money.

Will your business partner deliver the same product as agreed? Will you get your payment in full and on time? With Demetra, product conformity and all payments are guaranteed.

0 b*
Forecast medical market value
0 b*
Forecast recreational market value
0 m*
Forecast industrial market value

*all estimates for EU, year 2028, source: Prohibition Partners

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